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Best Guest Recipe Contest! 7/21/09 to 8/21/09

    Congratulations to Michael Chen the Winner of Our Best Guest Recipe Contest! His Seafood Delight is an exquisite recipe that combines seafood and fresh vegetables with a fruit/red curry sauce mix. Check it out!  

The Salad Bar

Not only does FiRE + iCE have a ton of veggies and pastas to choose from but the Salad Bar is also super! With up to three different types of lettuce mixes to choose from and a variety of salad additions like olives, fresh mandarin, cucumbers, scallions, tomatoes and so much more- you can create your own Chef’s Salad, Caesar … [More]

Chicken Alfredo

Grab a Bowl! Start off by picking your favorite Pasta (Bowtie or maybe Penne). Head to the Veggie section and add Broccoli and Chicken. (FiCE Tip: Add Tomatoes or mushrooms to your bowl for a more complex dish.  Make sure to ask your server for some parmesan cheese.) Head to the Sauce station and grab a cup of our delicious … [More]

Mussels Puttanesca

Mussels Puttanesca: Grab a BOWL! Go to the market and add Mussels, fresh garlic, olives, onions, and penne pasta (or a pasta of your choice) . Fill your sauce cup with Marinara sauce. (FiCE Tip: Grab an extra sauce cup of Marinara depending on how much pasta you have in your bowl. If you want … [More]

I love Veggies!

As a Vegetarian- there aren’t many places that cater to my needs but luckily, I found a diamond in the rough at the Palisades Center in West Nyack, New York.  FiRe+ iCe restaurant has all the nutrition I could ever ask for!  From Tofu to Okra and traditional vegetables like Broccoli and Cauliflower, FiRe + … [More]

Shrimp Teriyaki

Grab a BOWL! Go to the Market and add Shrimp, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, pineapple, snow peas and a pinch of garlic. (FiCE Tip: This is a phenomenal dish as is! If you want something a little more filling, add egg noodles to your bowl.. OR add your sizzling entrée to some white rice.) Head over to … [More]

Tex Mex Fajitas

Classic Tex Mex fajitas: Grab a BOWL! Go to the Market and add peppers, mushrooms and onions. Head over to the meat section to add Steak or chicken to your BOWL. (FiCE Tip: Let the inner carnivore in you indulge by combining both steak and Chicken to your Tex Mex Fajitas.. OR follow the vegetarian path by … [More]