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A Bachelor Party to Remember at FiRE + iCE Boston

When I think of Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, I get a little nervous – the drunken debacles, chaos, cameras and not to mention the fact that the “gentlemen’s club” is always involved. The movie ‘The Hangover’ also comes to mind. But what other city, besides Las Vegas, offers a pure experience of spending the night … [More]

Vegetarians and Vegans, Have No Fear

  Let’s face it, choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle can be very hard when it comes to food. But honestly, how many times have you sat in front of your computer Googling “best vegetarian restaurants to eat at,” and when you come across one, the closest establishment is 100 miles away. Patience is not … [More]

Dear Fire+ Ice, meet my New Year’s resolution. I look forward to you two getting along. Sincerely, Gillian

Not only is it mid-March already, but it’s that time of year when you say, “Oh Damn! Summer is right around the corner and I still have that little cat pouch for a belly.” Whatever happened to those New Year’s resolutions and the broken paltry promises? Eat healthy? Spend less? That lasted about a week … [More]