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Gearing Up For The Big Game

The Super Bowl is around the corner and it’s going to be big one. Rematches of all rematches, the Patriots vs. the Giants. In case you have blocked this from your memory, the Giants ended the Pats perfect season in the 2008 Super Bowl with an unbelievable 83-yard drive, with 35 seconds left in the … [More]

Groundhog Day Contest

Who allowed a rodent to control our seasons anyway? A tradition that spans the course of history was passed down from Ancient Rome to the Fierce Teutonic tribes to the fine people of Pennsylvania to keep it alive. Of course we are talking about Groundhog Day. A tradition kept alive by Punxsutawney Phil. Punxsutawneywhat..? Let’s … [More]

Attention All Foodies!

Do you find that restaurant commercials are making you hungrier than usual? This isn’t just your winter appetite kicking in early, it is actually the commercials! Now more than ever restaurants are marketing quality of food over the value of a meal. Who knew quality would surpass quantity in America?! Five years ago no one … [More]