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Everything’s Better in a Bowl…

Am I right or am I right?

….Get your mind out of the gutter people and get it together! I’m talking about bowls of food and nothing else!

Have you ever had a burrito? Do you know how messy they can be? How about a double cheeseburger loaded with 2 pounds of ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise? I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t like my shirts to wind up as my own life-size bib. The days of sandwiches, wraps, burritos, and everything else in between those forms of starches and carbs are numbered, my friends. It’s 2016 after all! You may not have that cool ‘Back to the Future’ hoverboard, but we do have the future of food now.Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.51.26 PM

Bowls make everything easier and cleaner. Gone are the days of messy eating! What is easier than eating with a fork or a spoon? Nothing, I tell you! Better yet, you get everything in one bite on said fork or spoon. Merge your tastebuds with crunches and high temperatures mixed with soft and cold!

Not only are your meals easier to eat, but you can take them to go too! That’s right. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be taken anywhere just like your GameBoy. Catching Pokemon while devouring a Chili-Lime Pork bowl during rush hour is the definition of American freedom.Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.06.40 PM

Now let’s put it all into perspective.A bowl perspective that is! Seeing is believing, so seeing every ingredient you place into your bowl will definitely get that tummy rumbling. A sandwich may taste good, but a bowl will taste and look good too. You should never judge a book by its cover, but by its content. The same can be said about food. So we removed the cover, or in this case the bread, and showed off the contents in a perfectly sized bowl. Everything is better in a bowl because it’s cleaner, portable, and quite frankly, better looking. Don’t believe me? See for yourself with our little sister’s bowls at underFiRE. Combining authentic flavor with creative presentation, you can eat from a different part of the world every day of your work week!

Have a rebuttal? I can’t hear it over the sound of my hunger.

Summer Olympics Take on Rio, Brazil!

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.17.51 PM

Rio 2016

It feels like just yesterday that we were all cheering on our favorite Olympians as they competed at Olympic Park within East London. And with a blink of an eye, here we are again – four years later and the torch is burning bright in the eternal-vacationland setting of Rio de Janeiro.

That’s right! The Summer 2016 Olympics have arrived in Brazil and will be taking place in the tropical land of samba and caipirinha (delicious Brazilian cocktails). Rio offers the perfect conditions and environments for Olympic athletes to compete in the games, but more importantly, it offers beautiful beaches, people and weather as its backdrop for viewers and visitors alike.

To say we are excited is an understatement. We’re ecstatic at the idea of watching some Olympians try to finish their career in a blaze of glory while others begin their own Olympic journeys in the summer games to come!

While I can’t really tell you where or how to watch these games since the choices are really up to you, I can make some recommendations for what to look out for if you decide to tune in to the games during primetime this August. Read our short list below to see what some of my personal highlights will be for Rio.


Rio 2016 will be an extra special game to watch this time. And no, it’s not because of that beautiful backdrop. The Olympics this year will feature several Olympians who may wind up retiring after this game. Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps, both are highly decorated gold medalists who will try to bring home the gold one more time each before retiring.

Will they be able to do it? Does this all sound like a cliché plot line to a cheesy 80’s sports movie? The answer to all of the above is a probable yes.

Speaking of clichés, both the U.S. Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams will be attempting to win it all one last time too. Several players on the women’s team will be retiring after Rio, including Sue Bird and Tamika Catchings. Coach Krzyzewski of the men’s basketball team will be retiring after he helped to reform the team and guided them to capturing a few gold medals. Can Team USA give good ‘ole Coach K a third straight gold medal before he turns the team over next year to the next coach? Can you here ‘Eye of the Tiger’ playing somewhere in the distance or is that just me?

Usain Bolt runs to grab another Gold.

Usain Bolt runs to grab another Gold.

The New Era

Keep an eye out for returning gold medalist Gabby Douglas as she returns a second time to break the record of back-to-back victories in gymnastics at the Olympics this year.

Douglas will have to share the spotlight though with another decorated gymnast from the U.S. who’s looking to outdo her and capture her own gold medal. Meet Simone Biles, who will be returning to the games for Rio 2016 and looking to kick some butt.

Speaking of kicking butt…Katie Ledecky has gotten older and her skills in swimming have only continued to improve. In 2012, she won the 800-meter freestyle at age 15 and crushed world records, but can she do it again this year? The pressure is on!

Golf, Rugby, Zika, Oh My!

Say hello to golf and rugby, as both sports return to the games once again. Golf returns after a 112-year absence. Though many professional golfers have already pulled themselves from the games due to their concerns of the Zika Virus… so maybe there won’t be golf this year? Sorry golf, maybe next time!

Ruby will return as well after a 92-year absence. Granted, Rio will host the faster-paced form known as Rugby Sevens. Nonetheless, Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, and South Africa will be jumping into the scrum for those medals.

Coming hot off the heels of an explosive NBA playoff season, it will be interesting to see which all-stars will make the cut for the U.S. Basketball Team. Superstars such as Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Demarcus Cousins will be playing for the red, white and blue on the court. Cue the Star Spangled Banner and Gatorade promos.

This blog wouldn’t be complete either if we didn’t mention the controversy surrounding the games this year. Water pollution, safety concerns, security and the looming threat of the Zika Virus have hung over Rio for the past few months. All eyes will be on Brazil to see if they can keep it together throughout the Olympic games.

That’s All?!

I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what to be paying attention to when the games kick off on August 5th, but there is already so much to be excited about. Everything is up for the taking and it will be fascinating to see which countries will come out on top, clutching the gold medals this year. Will you be watching when the torches are lit next month? Everyone at FiRE+iCE will be! You can find me at underFiRE, decked out in the American flag, caked in face paint and screaming obnoxiously at the television screen.

10 Things To Do in Boston Under $10

Every summer I face the same inner moral conflict, am I making the most of this summer? I know I must not be alone in this quest, and the pressure is on when friends around you have booked their summer’s up with weekend getaways, concerts, camping trips, etc. but for me, I’ll be stuck in the city. Still working, still wondering HOW in the world can I make these summer days worthwhile without breaking the bank?

Being in Boston can be pricey, as we all know, and what’s better than free…. The closest thing to free, right?! Well, with a little digging I’ve found 10 Things To Do In Boston Under $10

1) Sam Adam’s Brewery

What’s better than a free tour around our local favorite, Sam Adam’s Brewery. Starting at 10 A.M., tours will depart every 45 minutes and last about 1 hour. On the tour you will learn about the brand’s history, and special process that goes into brewing Samuel Adam’s Beer. Of course this tour includes tasting their award winning beers and receiving a complimentary beer glass…

Check out the tour here!

2) For our Star Gazers….

Don’t have the time, or the money to go camping with friends? Gaze up at the stars and learn about astronomy at Boston University’s Coit Observatory. View the night sky through binoculars and telescopes and you’ll see things that you wouldn’t be able to see, especially in the city. One of my favorite ways to wind down and take a breather. Wednesday nights starting at 8:30 P.M., free.

Learn more and snag your tickets here!

3) Movies at the Hatch Shell

Pack a picnic and head over to the Hatch Shell on Friday nights at sunset and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find an outdoor movie playing. This is definitely one of my favorite ways to spend a Friday and spare your wallet the heartache of a night out in the city…

Find the free Friday flicks here!

4) Lawn on D

Are you wondering what this could possibly be?? Backyard fun, magnified. The Lawn on D is a great place to visit during the day or night, my favorite time to go has to be nighttime because of the HUGE glow in the dark swings they have all throughout the lawn.  They also have all our favorite backyard games like Ping-Pong, corn-hole, jenga, bocce ball. Lawn on D also has balls for playing catch, Frisbees and sometimes-live music, but you might have to check their schedule for that.

Find out more and check out their calendar here!

5) Castle Island

Castle Island takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and takes you back into history. This 15-acre walking area along the water is a beautiful place to take a breather for a while. Castle Island is also home to one of the oldest forts in Massachusetts, Fort Independence that defended Boston in the Revolutionary War.  Join the daily 3 P.M. tours to enhance your knowledge on Boston history.

Learn more about this best kept secret of Boston here!

6) Swan Boat Rides

The Public Garden was always one of my favorite places to relax, people watch, and watch the swan boats glide by.  Only as of recently have I discovered that those swan boat rides cost a whopping $3.50, I always thought this was an inflated tourist attraction. But cruise around the Public Garden lagoon as the driver pedals you around and pretend you’re one.

Plan your swan venture here!

7) Rent-a-bike

Rent a bike from Hubway, where you can find stations all throughout Boston. Ride along the Charles River Esplanade or cruise around and do your errands for the day for $6… much cheaper than any cab service in Boston and you’re exercising!!

Find out Where to Ride this month here!

8) Taza Chocolate Tour

You don’t need a golden ticket to go on this chocolate factory tour… just $6. Take the Taza Chocolate Tour for a sweet little getaway this summer and for sample chocolates and also learn how my favorite chocolates are made. There’s no feeling guilty for this sweet trip either, $1 of every ticket goes to local charities. Balance people!!!

Learn more about this sweet tour here!

9) Museum of Fine Arts

My heart has been set on going to the Museum of Fine Art’s, but I admit, the steep admission price has kept me at bay for awhile now, until I did some research. If you find yourself bored on a Wednesday afternoon, head over to the Museum of Fine Art’s and enjoy the museum for free!! Yes I said, and I can’t believe it either. Take advantage of this special deal folks..

Stay classy and learn more here!

10) Boston Red Sox

Last and certainly not least, these amazing Red Sox tickets. The day of games head over to Fenway ticket office and you’ll find Standing Room tickets for only $9…. Ridiculous right?! Bring your student ID for this deal. What’s a summer in Boston without a Red Sox game?!?

Score a home-run by snagging some tickets here!

So there you have it folks, 10 Things To Do In Boston Under $10. Here’s hoping your summer is everything you wished it would be, Bostonians.

Our No-Stress Guide to a Family Reunion in Anaheim!

It’s summertime, which means it’s time for family reunions. Family reunions can be a lot to handle and a lot of work goes into them. Between the planning and all your relatives, it can seem more like a chore rather than a party. No guide can ever be perfect, but here are some tips that may be helpful to make sure the event goes over clean and smooth.

Pick Your Destination.

Consider someplace warm, that way everyone can be outside. One of the best destinations would be a family reunion in Anaheim, California. The best family reunion I went to was by the ocean. We got to hangout on the beach, play volleyball, and swim in the ocean. It was relaxing even with all the family around. If you’re not a beach person, there are so many other activities going on in the area.  Give Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the gang a shout out right around the corner at Disneyland!  There are so many rides and shows it will keep the family going all day long.

Think Location.

Once you have the destination in mind, try to determine the best location. This is probably one of the most stressful parts about the party. However, a simple solution would be restaurants. Think about it. You don’t have to cook, décor isn’t necessary, and you won’t have to worry about the cleanup. It’s a breeze. Going into the picking process for the event, you have to find someplace with an exciting and entertaining atmosphere. There are several Disney restaurants in the area but none could fit the family fun atmosphere like FiRE+iCE Anaheim. Located in the Anaheim Garden Walk, FiRE+iCE Anaheim is large enough to fit your entire family because of the outdoor and indoor seating. Plus, the outdoor patio has a large  fire pit which is great to warm up next to on cool nights. Big tip, don’t forget to make reservations, especially with large parties. Avoid the wait for as long as possible. 

Food, food, & more food.

This can probably be the trickiest part of the whole family reunion. Trying to satisfy everyone’s tastes and cravings can be impossible. Bringing a new experience to dining, here at FiRE+iCE Anaheim we let each meal be customized to serve your individual taste buds. No matter the craving there is surely something that everyone will enjoy. This all-you-can-eat Anaheim spot goes beyond a typical “buffet.” Rather than pre-made food sitting in trays, every ingredient is on ice waiting to be made into a creation. We have unlimited flavors from every region of the globe: Latin, Asian, Italian, and American flavors. No matter how picky  your family is , our grill has something for everyone. My favorite concoction would be stir fry. Combining rice, snap peas, eggs, carrots, and chicken and tossing it all in a tangy soy sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Wrap it all up.

Family reunions in Anaheim are great for making lasting memories. After dinner bring the family back to the park to end the night with Disneyland Forever Fireworks. The best spot to see the fireworks in my opinion is on Main Street U.S.A. The vivid projections on the building and a straight shot view of the castle makes an amazing spot. Take the opportunity to have your event away from your home. Craziness runs in most families but that doesn’t mean the party has to be. 

WaterFire Providence: Where the Elements Meet

WaterFire Providence

You know the summer season is arriving when the floating line of fire basins fill the small rivers of Providence, Rhode Island. As the sun begins to set, a gong is struck and the large crowds of curious travelers gather along the city’s tributaries, drawn to the mystique and adventure that is WaterFire Providence. Every few weeks, Providence hosts a WaterFire event that draws large crowds to the downtown section of the city for a Saturday night of inspiration and excitement. People follow the flames of the burning logs in metal bowls (more formally known as braziers – if we want to get fancy here) that float gracefully in a line on the tributaries as bands and street performers from all over the globe perform and entertain while artists and local vendors showcase their work. WaterFire Providence is more than just a Saturday night event however; it is just as much about community and a sense of togetherness as it is about art and burning logs on water. WaterFire Providence is a gathering in both the mind and spirit; where all walks of life and different creeds can come together and participate in a night of festivities and fun.

The Origins of WaterFire Providence

WaterFire Providence origins can be traced back to 1994 in the form of the First Fire, when the famous artist and sculptor, Barnaby Evans (This guy definitely has the coolest name I have seen in awhile), crafted the idea of it for commemoration of the tenth anniversary of First Night Providence. In 1996, Evans created the Second Fire for the International Sculpture Conference where it became the gathering place for thousands of participants from all over the world. The fires became extremely popular with the crowds who had gathered and enthusiastic art supporters finally convinced Evans to create an on-going fire installation within the city. By 1997, WaterFire Providence, a non-profit organization for the people and by the people, had been born and the Providence Renaissance was sparked.

WaterFire Providence Grows

In response to growing attendance, WaterFire expanded in size to 81 braziers in 1998; and 97 in 1999. By 2000, over 100 braziers were being lit and crowd attendance was surpassing 350,000 per season. WaterFire Providence still continues to grow and has helped to increase attention, tourism, small business growth and a boom in the artistic scene of both Providence and Rhode Island. By 2013, WaterFire Providence had expanded its season to April through December with 24 lightings each season.

WaterFire Providence attracts over one million people per year on average now and generates over nine million dollars revenue per season, which has helped to reinvigorate the local economy and boost tourism. Barnaby Evans’ artwork has turned Providence into a destination city once again and has helped small businesses to thrive during the annual WaterFire seasons. Evans has also been awarded for his work and many other cities now host similar events – inspired Providence’s ambition and dedication to their pride-filled festival.

We, here at FiRE+iCE, are proud to be so close to this spectacular on-going event and enjoy having the festivities occur in our own backyard! To be so close to the festival and experience the magic that is WaterFire Providence is something we cherish greatly. It is beautiful to see the community that makes up WaterFire come together like a family reunion.

The Beauty of it All

WaterFire Providence is more than just a simple burning of logs or a piece of artwork. WaterFire Providence goes beyond that however, and invokes something greater in everyone that attends. It brings together a sense of community and strengthens those who join in on the revelry.

As you walk along the water, you participate in the scene, both physically and mentally. Just like everyone else, you travel along the water as one long body: observing the fires’ orange glow and the smell of aromatic hickory as it wafts through the air, you also hear the sounds of foreign music enticing people’s ears and the visual stimulation of street performers and scattered artwork along the tributaries.

For some, WaterFire Providence is almost spiritual in the sense that it can refresh the soul and highlight a summer season. WaterFire is something that cannot be defined, but witnessed by those who seek it out. Even as I write this, it cannot give the ceremonial event justice in what it is to describe the experience of it all.

Who would ever think that two very different elements could come together so perfectly like this?

Check out the WaterFire website for more information or to see when the next WaterFire event is happening: 

Cheers to you, Mom!

The Day of Moms for Moms

Mother’s Day is NOT just another typical holiday.  It is the day in which we show our moms just how much they mean to us, and just how much we appreciate them.  It’s a day that is significant to the person who is significant to us which means that we have to make it special.  For some of us that can be easy, for others it can be a challenge.  One thing is certain: we have to do our best for our mothers on this day in order for them to know just how much we care.

The Origin

Mother’s Day became an official holiday in the United States in 1914. But did you know that the idea of Mother’s Day actually traces all the way back to the ancient Greeks and Romans?  It all began with festivals dedicated to the mother goddesses named Rhea and Cybele.  A few other events occurred that led to thousands of years later when a woman named Ann Jarvis officially made Mother’s Day a U.S. holiday.  From there it has grown into the day that we know and love. 

The Things Our Moms Put Up With

Although I’m not one to throw a festival for my mom on this day, I do want to give her the world.  Thinking of what she’s done for me brings me back to the day I was born.  Of course I have zero memories from this day, however I have been told the horror story from those who were there.  It was November 26, 1994 when I first graced the world with my presence. My sister did not have the same outlook as I did.  Once I was born and she saw how I was getting presents and most of the attention, so she had a huge temper tantrum.  And by huge, I mean my dad had to leave the hospital out of the side entrance to cause as little a scene as possible.  But that’s not all.  On the drive home from the hospital, my sister was so upset at the fact that I was born that she actually threw up in the back seat of my dad’s car.  So, in honor of that memory, I try to remember everything my mom went through when I was first born.  Before I could defend myself from my sister’s wrath. Mother’s day is the day to thank my mom for her support from day one, literally. 

Thank You to our Moms

She’s there for you from day one.  She’s one of the few people in this world that will love you unconditionally no matter what, and probably has done so for the longest period of time.  She sacrifices so many things for you, things that you wouldn’t even begin to think of.  Be sure to take the time this Mother’s Day to show her how much she means to you as well.  Shower her in flowers, gifts, and chocolates.  But even more importantly, don’t let the material things do all the talking.  Tell her how much you love her and how much you appreciate everything she’s done for you and given up for you.  Make her breakfast in bed.  Or if she wakes up at 4 a.m. like my mom does, take her to a nice lunch.  This is the day to do it, however let this be a lesson to all of us.  Take every day to appreciate your mothers.  Just tell them Thank You; it will mean the world to them.

Taste Your City!

Growing up, I enjoyed small-town perks. I lived in a no-name town literally in the woods, while also being near one of the restaurant capitals of the country (okay, this title may not be technically verified… But my town is deserving of it, I promise).  Because of this, we always had plenty of dining options when going out to eat…sometimes too many! There are still plenty of restaurants to this day that I haven’t tried.

To avoid this dilemma for many people, every summer my hometown hosted a festival in which each restaurant could showcase their delicious food to festival-goers! I was thinking about this festival the other day, and was curious if something similar existed in my new home base. Thus I present to you, the Taste of Anaheim.

On May 12th, 2016, the Anaheim Garden Walk will be hosting yet another Taste of Anaheim. Those who love food as much as I do, buy your tickets to the Taste of Anaheim ASAP! You’ll get to walk around and sample food and booze all day, along with participate in a Silent Auction, and appreciate live entertainment on top of it all. Naturally, we’ll be posted up and dishing you some of your favorite FiCE food straight from our grill. In fact, we’ll be keeping the fun going all night! Come by when you’re done for the day, and stop by our bar for the ViP after party.

Needless to say, you won’t want to miss this event. The only question that remains is this: How many plates of food can you hold in one hand?

Transportation in Boston made easy!

To those traveling from near or from far, via plane, train, or automobile… This is something seriously worth reading.  Don’t let my username fool you—Some might say that I was once (and, if I’m being honest—still am) directionally challenged. Luckily for me, transportation in Boston isn’t so difficult to utilize, as it turns out. Believe me, it is not something that you’ll get over night. In fact, it has taken me many times to get lost and confused and panicked before I actually became accustomed to traveling around the city via MBTA directions. However, with the right directions to Boston, it can! I have decided to pass on some directions to provide all you fellow travelers some guidance and confidence when in town!

My preference to getting to our Boston location would be using the MBTA  (this way you don’t need to worry about FiRE + iCE Boston Parking, crazy traffic, all that gruesome stuff). If this is also your way of choice, do the following:

  1. Take the Green Line to the Arlington T stop. 
  2. Exit towards Park Plaza and St. James. 
  3. Take a RIGHT onto St. James. 
  4. FiRE+iCE is just one block up on the RIGHT! (The corner of St. James and Berkeley)

But are you too far away to take the T, and unable to take advantage of Boston transportation? Maybe you’re a serious train germaphobe (I don’t blame you). No worries! Driving is a breeze too! If you’re coming from the North or South, do the following:

  1. From I-93, take exit 26 “Storrow Drive.” Keep left on the ramp for Storrow.
  2. Continue on Storrow Dr. to the Copley Square exit (second exit, on left side)
  3. Once off Storrow, take a LEFT at the lights and then an immediate RIGHT onto Arlington St.
  4. Follow Arlington, straight through 3 lights (the park will be on your left).
  5. At the 4th light, take a RIGHT onto St. James.
  6. We are on block up on the RIGHT! (The Corner of St. James and Berkeley). 

If you are coming from I-90/Mass Pike, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Take the Copley Square/Prudential exit.
  2. While on the ramp, keep right for Copley Square, exiting onto Stuart Street.
  3. Keep straight on Stuart until Berkeley St.
  4. Take a LEFT on Berkeley and we are one block up on the RIGHT! (Corner of St. James and Berkeley)

If you will be coming from Storrow Eastbound (NOT from the highway), do the following:

  1. Take Storrow East towards Boston
  2. Take the exit immediately AFTER the Copley Sq. exit (This is the first exit in the underpass and has no name)
  3. Once off Storrow, take a LEFT at the lights and then an immediate RIGHT onto Arlington Street.
  4. Follow Arlington straight through 3 lights (the park will be on your left)
  5. At the 4th light take a RIGHT onto St. James.
  6. We are one block up on the RIGHT! (Corner of St. James and Berkeley)

NOTE: For those of you driving, there are some FiRE+iCE Boston Parking options. If you want the most bang for your buck, park at the Motor Mart Garage. This will cost you $22 for the day, and it is about a five minute walk from the restaurant. If you’d rather get to the food as fast as possible, then park at the St. James Garage. It’s on the pricier side if you come during the day, but after 5PM it’s only $15 to park there!

Yes, I realize that is a lot to take in. But I promise, when you do it once, it becomes so easy. I suggest bringing a buddy along for the trip, I have found that it calms the panic slightly for those of us lacking the direction savvy gene… Travel safe, and see you soon!

Hefty to Healthy Eating in Anaheim

Well folks, here we are.  The school year is wrapping up, and that means we’ve got entire days to be spent at the beach just around the corner. The other day I was thinking about how nice it would be to hit the beach again, without the stress of school to worry about… when I happened to glance at my reflection. No need to beat around the bush here people, I look paler than paper and scrawny as can be. I’m not terribly self-conscious but I sure wouldn’t mind looking fit this summer. For those of you who are in a similar boat and looking to adjust your weight and perhaps get a little healthier in the process, I have some tips that have worked for me.

The first step is eating consciously. I have found that I will sometimes eat junk food without thought in front of the TV, or even keep eating food on my plate long after I am full. Eating consciously means slowing yourself down if you are a fast eater like me. Take a bite, put down the fork and enjoy the food before you take another bite. This way you are giving your brain enough time to send signals to your stomach.

You will find that you are more mindful about the kinds of food you eat once you are eating consciously. I am not suggesting that you have to cut a single thing out of your diet (I know I didn’t). I am suggesting, however, that you adjust your portions so that you are eating less fatty foods and particularly less processed sugars. Cutting down on empty calories like soda and overall junk food and replacing them with naturally sweet snacks like fresh fruits will make your stomach and waistline happy!

Your current eating habits aren’t totally bad if you’re more careful when you’re eating healthy restaurant food. While some of us do love our carbs and some of us love our sweets, a bit of my advice would be to visit healthy restaurants in Anaheim. Consider some personal rules for yourself.  Perhaps you won’t eat in front of the television anymore, because you’ll constantly be eating at healthy restaurants. Try not to push yourself to clear the plate, like I used to.  Maybe exercise can fit into your new healthy lifestyle while you’re consistently going out to eat.  Most importantly, we all know that substituting food can be tough at first, but eventually this will turn into a positive habit.

It’s worth a try. It will be a challenge, but only positive results can come from eating healthy restaurant food.  Nobody wants to keep looking into the mirror and feeling unhappy.  Also, nobody wants to feel unhealthy, especially when summertime comes along. Here’s one last tip: Wake up every morning and eat a balanced breakfast to kick off your day. That way, you can make guilt-free, healthy restaurant food choices for your lunch or dinner. Be proud of yourself when you’re full without finishing the plate. Stay mindful of your actions, be sure to visit healthy restaurants in Anaheim and know your eating limits. Don’t ever go back to old habits, and you’ll be just fine.

Concerts in Boston: Make Memories!

Traveling to Boston can be an unforgettable experience. Everyone knows that Boston is the best city to go to when in need of a good night out, but why? Boston’s night life is filled with such great adventure and memories, especially with concerts in Boston!

Experiencing a live show in Boston is memorable. Luckily, being a fan of a wide variety of artists gives me an advantage to get tickets to as many concerts in Boston as I can. When iconic musicians set a date for live shows in Boston, you won’t go far without hearing all about it. Your friends will tell you. Your family will tell you. Your television will tell you, and your teachers will probably even give you a lecture about it too.

Now, this may be a bit biased to say, but I totally get the feeling that most famous artists love performing in Boston more than any other city. I mean, come on. We’re proud and fun-loving Bostonians who live in a such a unique city! I think it’s hilarious when the performers try to imitate our accents. They know that we’re always happy as long as we are not asked to say “park the car in the Harvard yard.” It’s a Boston thing, of course they wouldn’t understand. What they do understand is our passion and love for both our music and sports.

When’s the best season for concerts? You guessed it: summer! The greatest advantage about Summer Concerts in Boston  is getting to see two or three of my favorite artists within the same week. Most of the time they will take place at the Garden, but sometimes the the live shows well be right in the heart of the city… a.k.a. Fenway Park. To fill the void when the Red Sox are on the road, we favorably welcome as many concerts as we can from legendary performers (up for a visit to see Billy Joel, anyone?)!

Before singing your heart out all night, it might not be a bad idea to stop by the North End or somewhere special for dinnahhh! Not to mention, grabbing a drink or two with friends before getting the night started is never really a bad idea.

Trust me. With summer concerts in Boston, there will always be a crowd to share your evening with! It is said that New York City is the city that never sleeps, I couldn’t disagree more. The majority of Bostonians would do anything for their favorite band. Most Boston fans give up their sleep just to be able to stay up all night to support their number one team. We not only fan; we are dedicated, strong, and committed individuals who simply love a good time. Now, the only thing left for you to do is survive the fun ahead!!