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Fiery Fiesta

Are you in the mood for something spicy? Well then come to FiRe + iCE – Grab yourself a Bowl and start filling it with black beans, green peppers,  jalapeño peppers, corn, a scoop of fresh garlic, and a couple of tomatoes. Have the chef warm it up- wrap in a tortilla with some rice and don’t forget to … [More]

Potent Potions

Looking for something thirst quenching to go along with your Vegetarian masterpiece? Check out the “Ice” section for a list of sweet and strong spirits to get your “Fire” flowing! From “Shared Libations” including the iCE, FiRE & Scorpion Bowls to a variety of Margaritas, Martinis and Frozen Drinks- there’s bound to be something to … [More]

The Salad Bar

Not only does FiRE + iCE have a ton of veggies and pastas to choose from but the Salad Bar is also super! With up to three different types of lettuce mixes to choose from and a variety of salad additions like olives, fresh mandarin, cucumbers, scallions, tomatoes and so much more- you can create your own Chef’s Salad, Caesar … [More]

I love Veggies!

As a Vegetarian- there aren’t many places that cater to my needs but luckily, I found a diamond in the rough at the Palisades Center in West Nyack, New York.  FiRe+ iCe restaurant has all the nutrition I could ever ask for!  From Tofu to Okra and traditional vegetables like Broccoli and Cauliflower, FiRe + … [More]