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And The Winner Is…

ERIC SMITH of Boston, Massachusetts!! Congrats to Eric for winning the FiRE + iCE Create-An-Ad contest! Eric sent us a comical, yet dramatic commercial titled, “Feed Your Wild Beasts,” which features a desperate, sad and lonely Gorilla, who finds FiRE + iCE to fuel his lively behavior. However, our winner Eric decided to take the … [More]

Create-An-Ad Contest FINALISTS

It’s been one long summer (maybe short for some), and the masterminds behind FiRE+iCE have finally chosen two finalists  in the running to win either $1,000 cash or FREE F+I for ONE YEAR with a guest, throw their own launch party at a FiRE+iCE location and FiRE+iCE will use the winners video as a commercial. … [More]

Your New Favorite Channel

I feel absolutely horrible keeping this secret to myself, so I figured I would let you in on it. You can watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies online for FREE at Channel 131 or  This simple website  allows you watch all of your guilty pleasures and must-see shows. Now, I … [More]

Scavenger Hunt From Your Cell

We’re pretty much all familiar with the classic scavenger hunt game, right? To play, all  you have to do is gather a few friends, create a couple of teams and then seek to gather a number of specific items on a list, in which each team usually gets credit by taking a picture. Simple. Now … [More]

Activity of the Summer: Blob Launching

Oh, the joy of summertime – short shorts, golden tans, warm nights and you know, the occasional blob launching.  Yes, you read that correctly. Blob launching. Recently I heard about  blob launching, which is a very unique water activity that involves a huge blob, two people and jumping. Simple enough, right? Basically, to engage in … [More]

FeverFest 2010

Lets face it, we’ve all been to the movies and out to eat a million times.  Well, maybe  not exactly a million, but enough that we’re starting to look for something…well, something different to entertain us. Finding fun, new and exciting actives to do can be a little challenging, especially when you’re  not sure what … [More]

FiRE + iCE Beats

It’s funny how sometimes you can be inspired by the most random things.  Maybe you’re laying out at the park on a warm cloudy day and you happen to look up at the right moment and notice that the clouds make the most amazing poicture you’ve ever seen. It happens to me every so often … [More]

FiRE+iCE Anaheim’s 1 Year Anniversary!

Silent Disco

Get ready to dance your a$$ off …in complete silence! Well sort of. Silent disco Boston has created a contemporary dance party, or “Silent Disco”, where you can only hear music if you are wearing special wireless headphones. Sounds strange huh? Well think about it. How many times have you gone to a bar or … [More]

KiDS eat free weekend!! This one’s for the kids

This one’s for the kids!! Offer Valid in West Nyack Location only.