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I Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For ICE CREAM!

Dear Bostonians, Just when you started to get semi-depressed because the summer was rapidly ending and those beach days were slowing down, the geniuses behind FiRE+iCE have introduced a totally new yummy ice cream bar to lift your spirits. After polishing off your delicious dinner, you now have the chance to create your own custom … [More]

Wanna Be Famous?

Dear aspiring movie stars, FiRE+iCE has some famously great news for you. We have come to the conclusion that our advertising could use a little more flavor – and we need your help. We are searching nationwide for the next superstar to be at the front and center of FiRE+iCE television commercials. We are asking … [More]

The iCE Menu

Summer has officially arrived in Boston – and I am hot. Hot as in, “wow it is a ‘scorcha out,’ not hot as in ‘I am the most beautiful human being to bask their presence on the planet Earth.’” The weather has been ridiculously humid and to make it even worse, the air conditioning broke … [More]

The First Date

The first date spot is a very, very important decision. As we all know, the first date sparks conversation about the person you are interested in – their likes and dislikes, facial expressions, what they like to eat, how they eat. All in all, the first date is the ice-breaker and the deal-sealer. I never … [More]

FiRE + iCE Introduces Twelve NEW, Healthy Sauces!

Ladies and Gents, I have some “sauce-tastic” news for you. But quite frankly, I don’t think you’re ready for what FiRE+iCE has in store. While we have been one of the most fun and delicious establishments for the past 10 years, FiRE+iCE has decided to revamp their sauces and give customers tasty new flavors to … [More]

Meals for Two Under $50.

$50 bucks doesn’t get you much these days – especially when you and your friends are planning a fun night out with drinks, apps and all the bells and whistles. Let me let you in on a little “side note:” A couple months ago I thought I was a complete “baller” and would wine and … [More]

Praise The Graduate

Graduating is one of the most memorable times in anyone’s life. I can assure you. I’ve been there, done that. The hard work, all-nighters,  and cramming before exams, are over with. Now, let’s move along to the fun part: celebrating. How do you plan on celebrating?  Well, FiRE + iCE would like to celebrate with … [More]

Eat Till You Drop

I adore shopping. Who doesn’t? However, the only parts about shopping I dislike are looking at my credit card statements, crying over the unnecessary purchases I made, and the fact that I become so famished while shopping. Fortunately, the hunger issue can easily be fixed. Malls are stacked with restaurants to get grub. Although, I’m … [More]

Opening Day: Red Sox vs New York Yankees

Sunday is a very important day for Boston – maybe even more important than my birthday. Its baseball’s Opening Day baby. The New York Yankees will be making their pinstriped presence at good ol’ Fenway Park, or shall I say “new” Fenway Park with the recent renovations. I’m sure A-Rod and his posse will be … [More]

A Bachelor Party to Remember at FiRE + iCE Boston

When I think of Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, I get a little nervous – the drunken debacles, chaos, cameras and not to mention the fact that the “gentlemen’s club” is always involved. The movie ‘The Hangover’ also comes to mind. But what other city, besides Las Vegas, offers a pure experience of spending the night … [More]