Our FiRE Menu

Is it HOT in here?

… Or is it just that HUUUGE Mongolian-style grill over there?! If you’re wondering what’s on our menu, the answer is, “Whatever you want!” FiRE+iCE is a create-your-own-meal concept. We welcome our diners to a marketplace with an abundance of fresh produce, pastas, meats and seafood. Guests may select any ingredients they want, then pair it up with one of our internationally influenced sauces and hand it to our grillers. Our grill chefs will cook all the unique combinations to perfection while dazzling diners with spatula juggling and a firey show! 

The Grill

Very HOT. Very BIG. And, designed exclusively for FiRE + iCE. Just pony up with your bowl and sauce and our chefs will get cooking for you.

Something For Everyone

Whether you’re carb-free, a Vegan, a Pescetarian (veggie with seafood), or even if you’re a Carnivore … the virtually unlimited combinations and variety are sure to please your very special palate.

Perfect for the Kids

How many times have you told your kids things like, “You’ll eat that Okra and YOU’LL LIKE IT!”  … Sheeeeesh! FiRE+iCE is a perfect option for families because it allows kids to pick exactly what they want (probably not the okra.)

Ready to Get Started?

First, you’ll need to stop drooling. Next, use the navigation at the top of this page to find the FiRE + iCE location nearest to you! You can even jet past all those other people by making your reservations online!