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10 Things To Do in Boston Under $10

Every summer I face the same inner moral conflict, am I making the most of this summer? I know I must not be alone in this quest, and the pressure is on when friends around you have booked their summer’s up with weekend getaways, concerts, camping trips, etc. but for me, I’ll be stuck in … [More]

So Much Boston, So Little Time…and a Whole Lotta Bridesmaids!

So it’s almost wedding season, and let’s talk honestly here: we’re all dealing with some seriously beautiful bridezillas…bridezillas that want that perfect Bachelorette Party Boston flair. For those of you who have taken the honorable title of being the maid of honor, this, we’re sure, is no easy task. The word “task” almost doesn’t do … [More]

FREE Ice Cream To-Go in Boston!

  Hey friends! We’re doing a check-in deal for the next three weeks. From this day until the end of the month, we’ll be dishing out free trips to our sundae bar, AND you can take it TO-GO! Oh yes, this is the real thing. All we ask is you come grab lunch, brunch, dinner … [More]

Gearing Up For The Big Game

The Super Bowl is around the corner and it’s going to be big one. Rematches of all rematches, the Patriots vs. the Giants. In case you have blocked this from your memory, the Giants ended the Pats perfect season in the 2008 Super Bowl with an unbelievable 83-yard drive, with 35 seconds left in the … [More]

Create-An-Ad Contest FINALISTS

It’s been one long summer (maybe short for some), and the masterminds behind FiRE+iCE have finally chosen two finalists  in the running to win either $1,000 cash or FREE F+I for ONE YEAR with a guest, throw their own launch party at a FiRE+iCE location and FiRE+iCE will use the winners video as a commercial. … [More]

Wayans Brothers. In Boston?

They’re brothers, they’re happy, they’re singing and…they’re coming to Boston! That’s right.  This Saturday, comedian prodigies “The Wayans Brothers,” Shawn and Marlon Wayans, stars of the hit comedy show, “The Wayans Brothers” and “Don’t be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in The Hood,” will be performing at the Wilbur Theater in … [More]

I Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For ICE CREAM!

Dear Bostonians, Just when you started to get semi-depressed because the summer was rapidly ending and those beach days were slowing down, the geniuses behind FiRE+iCE have introduced a totally new yummy ice cream bar to lift your spirits. After polishing off your delicious dinner, you now have the chance to create your own custom … [More]

Wanna Be Famous?

Dear aspiring movie stars, FiRE+iCE has some famously great news for you. We have come to the conclusion that our advertising could use a little more flavor – and we need your help. We are searching nationwide for the next superstar to be at the front and center of FiRE+iCE television commercials. We are asking … [More]

The iCE Menu

Summer has officially arrived in Boston – and I am hot. Hot as in, “wow it is a ‘scorcha out,’ not hot as in ‘I am the most beautiful human being to bask their presence on the planet Earth.’” The weather has been ridiculously humid and to make it even worse, the air conditioning broke … [More]

Meals for Two Under $50.

$50 bucks doesn’t get you much these days – especially when you and your friends are planning a fun night out with drinks, apps and all the bells and whistles. Let me let you in on a little “side note:” A couple months ago I thought I was a complete “baller” and would wine and … [More]