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So Much Boston, So Little Time…and a Whole Lotta Bridesmaids!

So it’s almost wedding season, and let’s talk honestly here: we’re all dealing with some seriously beautiful bridezillas…bridezillas that want that perfect Bachelorette Party Boston flair. For those of you who have taken the honorable title of being the maid of honor, this, we’re sure, is no easy task. The word “task” almost doesn’t do … [More]

You Put Limes in What?!?

Stop thinking about your carbonated beverage. We refuse to list everything you already know lime will be delicious in. If you’re going to read this just to be a know it all you might as well stop here. Chances are you know nothing about what we’re going to be telling you and if you thought … [More]

Gearing Up For The Big Game

The Super Bowl is around the corner and it’s going to be big one. Rematches of all rematches, the Patriots vs. the Giants. In case you have blocked this from your memory, the Giants ended the Pats perfect season in the 2008 Super Bowl with an unbelievable 83-yard drive, with 35 seconds left in the … [More]

Introducing Happy Hour in Anaheim

We love happy news and this is for sure a happy announcement from the folks over at the Anaheim FiRE+iCE! Starting now, from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Friday, the Anaheim FiRE+iCE will be introducing Happy Hour. Totally amazing. $3 Domestic Beers (pint), FiRE Fries, Edamame $4 Import Draft (pint), Sangria, Lava Flow, … [More]

Potent Potions

Looking for something thirst quenching to go along with your Vegetarian masterpiece? Check out the “Ice” section for a list of sweet and strong spirits to get your “Fire” flowing! From “Shared Libations” including the iCE, FiRE & Scorpion Bowls to a variety of Margaritas, Martinis and Frozen Drinks- there’s bound to be something to … [More]