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10 Things To Do in Boston Under $10

Every summer I face the same inner moral conflict, am I making the most of this summer? I know I must not be alone in this quest, and the pressure is on when friends around you have booked their summer’s up with weekend getaways, concerts, camping trips, etc. but for me, I’ll be stuck in … [More]

Cheers to you, Mom!

The Day of Moms for Moms Mother’s Day is NOT just another typical holiday.  It is the day in which we show our moms just how much they mean to us, and just how much we appreciate them.  It’s a day that is significant to the person who is significant to us which means that … [More]

So Much Boston, So Little Time…and a Whole Lotta Bridesmaids!

So it’s almost wedding season, and let’s talk honestly here: we’re all dealing with some seriously beautiful bridezillas…bridezillas that want that perfect Bachelorette Party Boston flair. For those of you who have taken the honorable title of being the maid of honor, this, we’re sure, is no easy task. The word “task” almost doesn’t do … [More]

Hefty to Healthy

Well folks here we are. The weather is finally getting nicer. Normally I would be celebrating the end of winter, but lets be honest, it really wasn’t that bad. I am happy that we are now a little closer to beach weather and barbeques. The other day I was thinking about how nice it would … [More]

Oh Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, a holiday that serves little to no purpose other than reminding husbands and boyfriends to “show their love” by buying random heart shaped presents and roses, because they know that if they forget they are in serious trouble. Females spend weeks beforehand searching for the “perfect gift.” They scour sports stores and badger … [More]

What Will They (Apple) Think of Next?

What will they think of next! Really though, Apple never fails to amaze us.  We all, or at least I, thought that the iPhone was the climax of Apple’s success.  Apple sure did prove me wrong. Over the last 30 years, Apple has made a tremendous contribution to consumer electronics and personal computing, to say … [More]

Anaheim Restaurant Week – Just One Day Left!!

Restaurant week is probably the best thing since sliced bread. This year, Anaheim FiRE+ iCE is participating in the event, which runs from September 28 – October 2. Check out the mouth watering menu below: FiRE+iCE RESTAURANT WEEK MENU • D I N N E R • ALL YOU CAN EAT GRILL & DESSERT WITH … [More]

Stop Searching and Stumble

The other night I went through my closet and realized that most of my favorite shoes, pants and shirts are ones that I just happened to “stumble upon” while unwillingly ending up at the mall. Let’s face it, searching for clothes, shoes or most things for that matter, can quickly become strenuous and we’re always … [More]

Create-An-Ad Contest FINALISTS

It’s been one long summer (maybe short for some), and the masterminds behind FiRE+iCE have finally chosen two finalists  in the running to win either $1,000 cash or FREE F+I for ONE YEAR with a guest, throw their own launch party at a FiRE+iCE location and FiRE+iCE will use the winners video as a commercial. … [More]

Your New Favorite Channel

I feel absolutely horrible keeping this secret to myself, so I figured I would let you in on it. You can watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows and movies online for FREE at Channel 131 or ch131.com.  This simple website  allows you watch all of your guilty pleasures and must-see shows. Now, I … [More]