Valentine’s Day Special

It’s a Valentines, three days of lovin’, like you’ve never seen!

Do you remember the first time when you knew your sweetie was “the one?”  It was a special day of connection and romance where you both spent ALL of your time with each other. You left all your cares and the rest of the world behind you.  Of course you wanted that day to last forever and, every time you think about it, it brings a smile to your face (Admit it. You’re smiling right now, aren’t you?)

It’s been a while and it’s time to reconnect with that special someone — again!  And, do we have a special for YOU!
Special available 2/14 – 2/17

  • Dinner for 2
  • Shared appetizer
  • 2 Valentine’s Cocktails (Non-alchoholic beverages available for those under 21)
  • 2 Special Desserts

All for only $50

So are you ready to heat things up in the romance department?